Monique D. Layzell

CEO, Artist , PHOTOGRAPHIC ARtist, Designer, Mum

I am a artist and a proud Mum ( Mom ). Born in Dallas Texas, and Lived in the England for many years, Studied Fashion design & History in London, England, and later Lived in Somerset England with college degree from Bristol and Yeovil College. And In Somerset is where my Little girl was born so she is British-American and the greatest gift in my life.

My main company is Monique Layzell Art Prints so I created The Zebra Lady to offer to add my works and designs on household items and Office decor, and for the whole family and his includes you loving pets. I love arts and Fashion with a unique style.


My Little Girl

My Sweet Daughter Who I do All this for

I work so hard for my little girl. So she can see that following your dreams can come true and to love what you do & love life, and that Mummy love’s you and so very proud of you .


Stop Abuse


 I do make a point to help out what I can to women of Domestic abuse as a survivor myself. As a survivor of domestic abuse and I speak out and offer information on how to see the signs and ways to get help on ways to try to be safe. No one has the right to hurt you,

I am Writing a book on the own what I lived in and how I found my way to find my ways back to me again and to offer a safer and better life for myself and my little girl.